Courses Taught

SNHU-MAY-2019-227-FINAL- JR edit

Texas A&M University – Commerce, TX


Southern New Hampshire University, Manchester, NH


  • SNHU107 SNHU Success Strategies for Online Learning
  • MKT 113 SNHU Undergrad Intro To Marketing
  • MKT 221 SNHU Undergrad Merchandise Planning
  • MKT 222 SNHU Undergrad Principles of Retailing
  • MKT 360 SNHU Undergrad Direct Marketing
  • MKT 306 TAMU Undergrad Intro To Marketing
  • MKT 436 TAMU Undergrad Marketing Research
  • MKT 500 SNHU Graduate Marketing
  • MKT 555 SNHU Graduate Social Media
  • MKT 618 SNHU Marketing Analytics
  • MKT 620 SNHU Graduate Consumer Behavior
  • MKT 625 SNHU Graduate Strategic Internet Marketing
  • MKT 645 SNHU Graduate Online Marketing Channels
  • MKT 655 SNHU Graduate Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • MKT 665 SNHU Graduate Digital Storytelling and Branding
  • MKT 666 SNHU Graduate Social Media Marketing Campaigns
  • MKT 668 SNHU Graduate Services Marketing
  • MKT 678 SNHU Graduate Brand Management
  • MKT 690 SNHU Graduate Corporate Communications
  • MGT 550 SNHU Graduate Managing Through Communications

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