The Digital Marketing Landscape: Creating a Synergistic Consumer Experience

IMG_4519The Digital Marketing Landscape: Creating a Synergistic Consumer Experience – Spring 2021

The field of marketing has seen an evolution in how brands communicate with consumers, how consumers communicate with brands, and how consumers communicate with each another. Digital technologies such as mobile phones, the internet, social media, and email and have contribute to what is known as the digital marketing landscape. While the basic principles of marketing have remained the same, the ways in which we accomplish marketing goals has seen significant advancements in recent years. Digital marketing offers unique ways to meet consumers where they are, engage with potential and existing consumers, capture the voice of the consumer; allow consumers to be part of a brands marketing message and narrative. This book is geared towards both students and professionals looking to explore the inter-connectedness of digital technologies for marketing and branding purposes. This book offers an overview of the digital marketing landscape and how the various elements of digital work symbiotically. When the power of an integrated digital strategy is optimized, both consumers and brands benefit. This book will serve as a practical guide for both students and professionals in a variety of settings. Readers will become familiar with terminology, understand how the different areas of digital marketing connect and work together, and gain the knowledge needed to generate valuable and actionable managerial insights for informed decision-making.






Signed Copy of The Digital Marketing Landscape

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