Day 2: The Shoe

Well, I have officially finished Day 2 “training” for my first 5K. If you’re lost on how I went from writing about Social Media Marketing to also writing about running, catch up here. I value you as a subscriber, so know this additional content will have some social element to it, please do not unsubscribe! 😉

No outdoor running today, my little dude decided he wanted to build “Lego City” indoors instead of biking along with me, so we stayed indoors. But I assure you, at around 4pm he will beg me to go outside to “practice running”. Those in Texas in July know why this is a terrible idea.

5 year old Asics are better than my 1 year old " Cute "Asics..
5 year old Asics are better than my 1 year old ” Cute “Asics..

So, I began my short run on my Precor. For those who decided to try the 5k with me for the first time, how are your feet!? I ran for such a short distance this morning and on day 1 (I am embarrassed to even write it), and my toes are killing me this afternoon. So much for cute running shoes, cause they don’t make you run very cute. So I tried my old 5 year old Asics I ruined with enamel paint when we renovated my Laundry Room in Jan (more on that here, AND it is Social Media Marketing related). Interesting fact, did you know your feet can grow up to a full size when pregnant? Mine did, and I am still grasping the fact I am no longer a cute 7.5, apparently I am not even an 8!

Tip 1: Get a better shoe. Replace 5 year old running shoes!

According to RunnersWorld I need a few different pairs, so I am researching inexpensive but ‘good’ cross-trainers, in a size 8.5 and NOT 7.5. I have ordered a pair of shoes ($41) from Amazon and supportive socks; they should be here in two days. Thank you AmazonPrime! In the meantime I have been Googling about my toe pain and shin pain!

Tip 2: Take shorter strides to avoid Shin Splint, and possibly Stock up on KT Tape?!

Hopefully my new shoes come in time for my next short run, Day 3! I am very motivated and know I can reach my goal of running 5k in 60 days- I ran a decent amount of time today given the circumstances. I am hoping with some added comfort on my feet I will be able to meet my goal for the week, and easily add 1-2 minutes on next week!

And as usual, LoneStar CASA could use your donations for the 5k! Sponsorship opportunities are still open!
For more, click here.

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