Um Hello?! Are your listening ears on: CRM and Social Media

Customers have so many more choices than ever before. This gives them the power to demand more from businesses. This same new technology that is enabling the consumer, is also giving businesses the capability of initiating multi-channel strategies for communicating with customers. These emerging, real-time platforms such as the Internet, Apps, and other social media channels place new strains on a network’s existing infrastructure. However, they also generate large amounts of data that contain valuable insight into customer behavior and preferences. Specifically, the use of mobile devices and social media is gathering enormous amounts of personal data that can be a real asset to businesses. Unfortunately, there are businesses not making the most of the data available and there are others not even utilizing the platforms to access this data.

CRM professionals must develop an infrastructure that allows for the sharing of information and effective communication. Social CRM is a tool businesses need to utilize. They need to embrace it! With the use of a variety of social media platforms (such as blogs, FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube etc.) businesses have a direct line to the end consumer for communicating about their products or services. Consumers are online talking about the brands, and the brands need to listen. If businesses can identify unmet expectations and where the strongest expectations exist, they will be more likely to realize an increase in market share and profitability.

In order to do this, they must know more about their customers. Brands must talk, listen, and interact with customers more often and with more relevancy in new and innovative ways. The use of social media platforms is one way to drive engagement and participation to create and nurture relationships with customers and potential customers. This is an exciting time for marketers with the technology available to manage customer information, data, trends, and relationships as well as the new social environment that creates a one-on-one marketing opportunity.

In what ways are you listening to your customer?
Have you responded or interacted?
If yes, how? If no, shame on you! Subscribe to this blog ASAP!

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Getting ready for the upcoming chaos

Well, I am on day 2 of 7 days free from doctoral work and teaching! So I find myself actually able to make a blog entry from my kitchen counter! Well, we will see if I finish as I have a pomeranian itching to go outside and a toddler just about ready to wake!

I am eagerly awaiting the start of a new course I am to teach at SNHU, MKT 655 (social media marketing strategy). I will have a lot of students from my last term taking this course as well, which I am looking forward to! I am curious to see their progress from one course to the other.  In addition, I will still be teaching MKT 555 Social Media Marketing (at SNHU) and Intro to Marketing ( at TAMU). Between both schools I have a great looking roster of students! I have already had many emails and Tweets concerning the courses. I love the enthusiasm I get from the students in my first Social Media course ( MKT555), they are always ready to dig in, get started, and try to apply what they learn to their specific industry.  I love my job!

Along with teaching Graduate school (term begins Monday) I will be part of a pilot program that involves mentors overseeing the development of adjuncts for Southern New Hampshire University. I am excited about the opportunity and think it is a very good strategic move for the school considering the growth of the program and how important it is to improve and sustain a great pool of adjunct faculty. I look forward to meeting each of the adjuncts I will be helping!

I also begin another doctoral course Monday (7 days off of doctoral work was NOT enough). I am looking forward to the course, CRM (customer relationship management) is a hot topic for me! I will enjoy writing about CRM, Social CRM, etc. much more than previous topics. It is time to put my scholarly writing hat back on!

While on my hiatus, I have been enjoying reading a few books that have been sitting on my bedside table for MONTHS! Engaged by Brian Solis is completed and I am hoping to finish Perspective on Social Media Marketing By Bough and Agresta as well. Next will be The New Rules of Marketing and PR by David Meerman Scott. I have a short list of other books sitting in my Amazon cart waiting for another week off… with the click of a button they will be delivered to my Kindle for my enjoyment!

With this being the first week of the year, I am already seeing so many articles online about how Social media has taken off in 2011… I am curious as to what 2012 will bring.

..and cue dog barking and toddler waking up from a nap saying “MOMMY, open my door, mommy me want cracker”…..

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