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Amazon ProfileJessica’s research centers around Digital Marketing Strategy, Organic Social Media Marketing engagement, Brand Loyalty & GenX females. Jessica carries a wealth of experience as a practitioner as well as experience in teaching, online course design, program development, faculty management, and course development. Jessica’s experiences working as a full time faculty member, working remotely in online courses, has made her keenly aware of the needs and interests of a diverse student body. As a result, she considers the interconnection between a student’s own knowledge, learning abilities, subject matter, current events, and real application on the job in all that she does. Dr J has been recognized by Hubspot as an innovative professor of digital marketing, she is ranked 28 worldwide on Social Media Marketing Magazines ‘Top Marketing Professors on Twitter’​.

Jessica has taught both undergrad & grad level courses in Management and Marketing; has 16 years of field experience in operations, management, sales, & marketing prior to transitioning into Higher Ed. in 2009.  She also serves  on several editorial boards

 For collaboration inquiries, connect via LinkedIn.  Professional experience can also be found on LinkedIN.

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The Digital Marketing Landscape: Creating a Synergistic Consumer Experience – 2021                                                            Available via Amazon (Kindle and print), Apple, B&N, Dawsons, Gardners, Perlego, Kobo                                                                                                                                            

The field of marketing has seen an evolution in how brands communicate with consumers, how consumers communicate with brands, and how consumers communicate with each another. Digital technologies such as mobile phones, the internet, social media, and email and have contribute to what is known as the digital marketing landscape. While the basic principles of marketing have remained the same, the ways in which we accomplish marketing goals has seen significant advancements in recent years. Digital marketing offers unique ways to meet consumers where they are, engage with potential and existing consumers, capture the voice of the consumer; allow consumers to be part of a brands marketing message and narrative. This book is geared towards both students and professionals looking to explore the inter-connectedness of digital technologies for marketing and branding purposes. This book offers an overview of the digital marketing landscape and how the various elements of digital work symbiotically. When the power of an integrated digital strategy is optimized, both consumers and brands benefit. This book will serve as a practical guide for both students and professionals in a variety of settings. Readers will become familiar with terminology, understand how the different areas of digital marketing connect and work together, and gain the knowledge needed to generate valuable and actionable managerial insights for informed decision-making.

Courses Taught
Introduction to Marketing: Online Course Design and Instruction
Marketing Research: Online Course Design and Instruction
Introduction to Marketing
Merchandise Planning
Principles of Retailing
Direct Marketing
Digital Storytelling and Branding: Online Course Design and Instruction
Managing through Communication: Online Course Design and Instruction
Social Media: Online Course Design and Instruction
Marketing Analytics
Consumer Behavior
Strategic Internet Marketing
Online Marketing Channels: Online Course Design and Instruction
Social Media Marketing Strategy: Online Course Design and Instruction
Social Media Campaigns: Online Course Design and Instruction
Services Marketing
Brand Management
Corporate Communications

• Recognized by Hubspot as an innovative professor of digital marketing
• Social Media Marketing Magazine (January, 2012-present). Top Marketing Top Professors on Twitter (# 28 worldwide)
• Nominee 2015 Advisors Recognizing Excellence Award nominee at Southern New Hampshire University- COCE
• Finalist 2013 Excellence in Teaching Award – Southern New Hampshire University- COCE
• Recipient 2014 Excellence in Teaching Award – Southern New Hampshire University- COCE
• Finalist 2013 Online Professor of the Year- Best Colleges Online: Best Colleges Online recognizes forward-thinking professors who are using new technologies to enhance the learning experience for distance students and prepare them for success in their courses and after graduation.
• Listed as one of the top 100 Web-Savvy Professors 2012
• Articles featured on:
Social Media Today

Hubspot Podcast  on Digital Marketing – To read it:

I encourage you to follow me on Twitter here if you have an interest in Marketing, Digital Marketing, and Social Media Marketing as I cover those topics via Twitter for my students and followers. I am a lot more active on Twitter than I am with my blog (for now!). I am also on Instagram, with a little of my personal side showing.

I do want to thank the followers of this blog, my Twitter feed, and Instagram. You have been so encouraging as I made my way through my doctoral program. I started with a 16 month old toddler, full time work, and school. And time flew by (really it did not)…6 years, 21 weeks, and 2 days.

First day of Kinder! 2015-                This kid motivated me to complete my PhD from age 16mos-7. My #rock ! Missed my goal of completing my PhD by the time he started Kinder, but hey- It’s PhDONE!
“” and “#littlemisskittybones” my rescue babies
“” and “#Hashtag” my rescue babies.
Princess ClickBait, our “found kitty”.

The views expressed in this blog are those of the author, and do not represent those of Texas A&M University-Commerce or Southern New Hampshire University unless stated explicitly.

4 thoughts on “Meet Dr J

  1. Bruno Gebarski March 8, 2012 / 9:37 am

    Thank you for your interesting article on Social Media in Universities! I thought it was very interesting to see how education is changing and teacher have a challenge now because the closed environment of books (unconnected medium) has gone by as new punctuation has been added to our literacy, which is the “hyperlink”! Looking forward to you completing your PHD all the best and please connect on Twitter @brunogebarski (BTW I am already following you) Greetings from beautiful Hamburg in Northern Germany

  2. drjrogers March 8, 2012 / 11:33 am

    Thanks Bruno! I appreciate all of the feedback on my Social MBA column–

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